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Inground Pools

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In-Ground Pools

The Pool and Spa Warehouse offers beautifully customized in-ground pool solutions for your home from salt water pools to water features that accent your backyard. We have the in-ground pool you’ve always dreamed about to suit your lifestyle and budget.  Our seasoned creative team can help customize your vision with the latest style trends which is 100% tailored with your preferences.


If you have no problem with chlorine, but you’re tired of buying, handling and storing it – a chlorine generated salt water pool may be right for you. We’ll begin with a quick explanation. Salt water pools are NOT chlorine free pools. Salt water pools use a chlorine generator that turns salt into chlorine. These generators have existed for decades and continue to evolve and improve in performance.

Pool Lighting

Lighting your pool isn’t just and option, it’s an important safety feature. When the sun goes down, let your pool glimmer with unique designs to enhance your pool’s landscape. We offer a variety of inspired lighting options to extend your entertaining well into the evening hours. By using a combination of low-profile lights around the perimeter and colorful lights underwater, you can provide subtle illumination for guests above ground and vibrant displays for swimmers.

Liner Pools

Deciding to build a pool is easy. Choosing the type pool that best fits to your needs is an important step in the process. Liner pools are often less labor intensive and more affordable than concrete pools. Choosing a liner pools also provides increased choices in shape, size and depth. Manufacturers offer a variety of patterns and colors allowing you to personalize your pool scape. Optional features are available to even further enhance and inspire your vision.

Pool Decking and Coping

Your pool is an extension of your unique style. Make the transition from indoor to outdoor spectacular by enhancing your pool scape with stunning coping and decks. Coping, or the cap or rim you see around the perimeter of you pool, is usually made from brick or stone and has smooth, rounded edges for both comfort and style. You can choose classic designs which blend with decking or bold accents that make a statement.

Water Features

Water features transform the amazing to the spectacular. Give your pool the personality of a tropical resort, romantic oasis, elegant escape or family fun zone. We’ll help you provide the water ‘wow-factor’ to take your pool to the next level. When adding one or more water features, your pool suddenly becomes more – more exotic, more elegant, more romantic and more fun!