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Your pool season should begin and end on your schedule, not the calendar season. We’ll open the and close your above or in-ground pool at your convenience. Call to find out about our competitive prices and services (513) 554-0000.

Open Early, Close Late

Pool experts know that this is one old adage that is still true today.
We will open or close your in-ground or above ground pool at your convenience.
Our prices are among the most reasonable in town.
Just give us a call, we’ll be there. 513-554-0000

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Swimming Pool



hank you for trusting us with your pool closing.

Rest assured that we will do everything we can to close your pool properly so next season’s opening will be a breeze.

The safety of our customers and employees always supersedes any dates, times or promises.

If weather postpones an appointment, understand that the makeup date may not be the next day. There is often a full schedule each week with a small break planned for just such a complication We will re-schedule your closing into the next available slot.



A good pool closing starts a week before the actual closing date.

The pool water should be tested and balanced.

Filters should be chemically cleaned.

Debris should be removed and the pool thoroughly vacuumed.

Get out the cover; inspect, repair, replace if required. Preparation:

Take out water tubes if required and fill them 3/4 full. Replace any damaged tubes if required.

Gather up winter plugs, snorkels and anything else normally used for closing your pool.

Closing Day


First we treat the pool water with a powerful enzyme and a non-staining ammonium chloride algaecide.

We install snorkels on the returns, a Skim A Door on the skimmer a gizzmo in the skimmer and disconnect the plumbing from the filtration system.

Then we expel any water in the plumbing with a blower and add anti-freeze to the lines and skimmer.

Next we remove all winterizing plugs from pumps, filters and heaters, draining them of water.

Lastly we install your cover on the pool.

"Liner Floating"


Every spring we open pools with wrinkles in the liner and no apparent reason. Well, there is a reason.

Most pool owners and most winterizing instructions tell you to partially drain the pool to prevent freezing of pipes. This lowers the water pressure inside the pool. If water from outside the pool creates more pressure than water inside the pool, the outside water will win and lift or float the liner. When the pressure outside lowers, the pressure inside forces the liner back down and it is left with a star burst wrinkle pattern.

We no longer lower water in pools for the winter



We use snorkels to replace the eyeball fittings in the return lines. This extends the return lines to above the waterline allowing water to be blown out and anti-freeze to be poured directly into the line.

Skim A Sure


The Skim A Sure Vault Door allows us to close off the skimmer from the pool water. Again, water is blown out of the top of the skimmer and replaced with anti-freeze.

Skimmer Gizzmo


We also install a skimmer “Gizzmo” to close off the plumbing in case rain water gets in from the top of the skimmer. This triple layer of protection (Door, Gizzmo, Antifreeze) assures that no damage can occur to the skimmer over the winter.

Winterizing hardware is provided at minimal cost if you do not already have it. Our service department makes snorkels on site to fit your particular pool and they carry with them Skim A Sure doors and Gizzmos to fit most pools. Skim A Sure doors are not available for all pools. If your pool cannot use a door, we will lower the water to below the skimmer opening and install a Gizzmo.



We now use a combination of natural enzymes and algaecides to close all pools along with antifreeze for protection of plumbing.

No chlorine, no shock. Why?

Chlorine pool shock is designed to remove bather waste and be out of the water 8 hours later so you can swim the next morning. A product designed to remain in the water for only 8 hours does little good for the next 6 months.

Why Enzymes


Enzyme pool treatments are designed to be effective in water until you shock the pool and remove them. A single treatment should last the entire winter. Mesh cover pools should add a second treatment 1/2 way through winter.

Cover Longevity


Recent information suggests that shock treatments produce a gas that is trapped under the cover and contribute to a much shorter cover life than expected, particularly solid covers. Use of natural enzyme products and algaecides have no such detrimental effect.

Winter pool treatments are designed to make spring opening easier and no other reason. If no one swims in the water it is not necessary to treat it. We have found that this program offers the best chance of a clean pool opening in the spring particularly with mesh type covers.

“They took our dream and made it a reality for us”

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